‘Blockbuster of the year’: Epstein scandal may expose ‘rich people justice’ in US – Jesse Ventura

The anticipated release of files related to the sex trafficking case against millionaire Jeffrey Epstein can easily become “blockbuster of the year,” revealing his high-profile associates and exposing flaws in US justice.

A US court has ordered the release of over 2,000 files related to the case, and what’s in them could be a real bombshell, former Minnesota governor and RT America host Jesse Ventura believes.

Ventura digs into the growing Epstein scandal on the newest episode of The World According to Jesse. Back in 2008, Epstein was granted a generous non-prosecution agreement and a 13-month sentence in a private wing of county jail. Furthermore, much of that was “work release” for up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.

This slap on the wrist ‘punishment’ Epstein virtually screams that powerful people were eager to sweep the whole story about a sex trafficking ring under the rug and make sure the millionaire doesn’t talk.

“They covered this case up the first time for a reason. He got his sweet deal for a reason. And I don’t think it was just because Jeffrey Epstein was a nice smiling boy that they did that for him,” Ventura said.

“Obviously there are powerful people at the first trial, when he got his plea deal, that did not want to see the light of day.”

The new case has already led to downfall of Alexander Acosta, who was a federal prosecutor behind the Epstein plea deal in 2008. Acosta was forced to resign as Labor Secretary back in July, as questions about his handling of the first Epstein case piled up.

Moreover, the entire affair has also exposed the utmost hypocrisy of the US justice system, where rich people are treated very differently than the general populace.

“In the United states of America, our justice system is not justice for all. There’s rich people justice and there’s regular people justice, and the court should be embarrassed that exists, but it does,” Ventura said.




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