Blowback after Emannuel Macron’s wife snaps photo with ‘notorious homophobe’

France’s First Lady has found herself in the crosshairs of LGBT activists after posing for a photo with a pariah businessman known for his homophobic outbursts.

While visiting a popular Paris Christmas market, Brigitte Macron reportedly met with the holiday fair’s organizer, Marcel Campion, and congratulated him for the “very beautiful” event. The resulting photo op – showing the pair standing in front of a life-sized nutcracker – may not have been the most politically prudent decision, however. Campion is currently facing legal trouble over homophobic remarks that he directed at city leaders. The tycoon was recorded ranting about how Paris was “governed by homos” after he was forbidden by the city to host his traditional Christmas market on Champs Elysees.

In the video that went viral in September, the businessman said: “I usually say ‘queers’, but I was told that I should not say that anymore. So I don’t say queers, I say homos.” He later clarified that he doesn’t have anything “against” gay people, but that the alleged homosexuals who, in his opinion, run Paris are “perverted.”

“Beautiful, the wife of the President of the Republic who displays herself with a notorious homophobe”, said Deputy Mayor of Paris Ian Brossat.

“So, Brigitte Macron, the First Lady of France, ostensibly appears with Marcel Campion, who talks about homosexuals as ‘perverse’ ‘faggots’ who must be saved from AIDS, even though he is being sued for defamation and homophobic insults…. Shame on her!” added LGBT activist Maxime Cochard.

Her husband, president Emmanuel Macron, recently had a photo scandal of his own, when he posed for a widely mocked photo with a reported cocaine dealer and his middle finger-flipping cousin.

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