ICYMI: Yellow vests are all the rage on the sidewalks of Paris, as Macron slams into reverse

French protesters, angry at a proposed fuel tax increase, have spent recent weekends tearing up the streets of Paris and burning cars, resplendent in their now iconic yellow vests. And it may have worked.

President Emmanuel Macron, who said he would never back down in the face of civil unrest, looks to have backed down in the face of civil unrest.

His government has decided to scrap the fuel tax increase, and will apparently reverse a tax cut for the rich too.

However, if reports are true, the Yellow Vests will be back in force this weekend too, braving the tear-gas-happy riot police, probably because they’ve seen their tactics are actually pretty effective when it comes to putting Macron on the back foot.

So, this week ICYMI has put on its own Gilet Jaunes.


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