Air Force Number 2? Trump boards presidential plane with toilet paper stuck to shoe

There’s something about realizing you’ve been dragging toilet paper around on your shoe that makes everybody blush. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, he was spotted in just such a predicament as he boarded Air Force One.

The US president’s embarrassing moment was caught on camera as he climbed the steps of Air Force One at Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport on Thursday. Video footage shows what appears to be a piece of toilet paper stuck to the sole of Trump’s left shoe. The paper fluttered with every step Trump took, making it very hard to ignore.

The offending paper remained stuck on Trump’s sole throughout his entire ascent up the plane’s steps and only fell from his shoe as he boarded the aircraft.

Trump was followed onto Air Force One by four men, likely Secret Service, who stepped over the paper as they entered the aircraft. The fourth bent down to pick it up.

The moment inspired a flush of toilet-related jokes and teasing on social media.

Some wondered how it had taken this long for the president to find himself in this situation, while others questioned how the toilet paper had been on his shoe for so long without anyone giving Trump a heads up.

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