THE SUN SAYS Here’s our message to MPs ahead of historic Brexit vote — Great Britain trusted you, now you trust Britain


MPs must have faith in our great country, our talent and our ability to thrive outside the EU — and they must respect our decision

By The Sun

REBEL Tory MPs could today destroy their Prime Minister, their Government and the Brexit the 17.4million majority voted for.

A “peace” deal struck last night for 15 knife-edge Commons votes is still a huge risk, and only postpones an inevitable showdown.

MPs must trust the extraordinary talent and decisions made by the British people, as shown in our graphic, and not betray Brexit voters
MPs must trust the extraordinary talent and decisions made by the British people, as shown in our graphic, and not betray Brexit voters
In the end Remainer MPs have a simple choice: trust the people of Great Britain… or trigger a shameful betrayal.

Today our MPs must return the trust which voters placed in them.

We trusted they would deliver on the result of the referendum David Cameron promised would determine our future irreversibly, and which they overwhelmingly backed.

We trusted them as we flocked to polling stations in record numbers on June 23, 2016 and when they then emphatically endorsed the Leave result and put it into effect.

Brexit votes this week could strip our Government of negotiating powers and affect Theresa May’s future
We trusted them at the election last year as the two main parties promised to deliver Brexit in full.

But over the next two days the Commons faces a string of pivotal Brexit votes. The most dangerous would be a mortal blow to the Government’s negotiating hand and could trigger a new election.

Another one on Wednesday would be a giant step towards shackling ourselves forever inside an EU customs union, without any power over its decisions. That’s the worst possible Brexit, a catastrophe.

Theresa May’s deputy risks enraging Brexiteers by refusing to say UK will be out of EU customs union by 2022
Monday night’s fudge between the two wings of the Tory party is still a risk — and merely postpones an inevitable showdown next month.

In the end MPs must have faith in our great country, our extraordinary talent and our ability to thrive outside the EU. And, if they respect the democracy that has put them where they are, they must trust the decision we took.

Today’s “meaningful vote” amendment, if passed, would wreck the Government’s negotiating position in Brussels. That is already weak enough… Theresa May has made far too many compromises and is doing far too little to prepare Britain for a “no deal”. But this new move would be deadly.

It would enable Parliament to reject any deal we strike with Brussels and force the Government to go back and keep negotiating. It would strip Mrs May of the power to walk away.

The EU could offer us a derisory and punitive deal knowing Parliament had compelled the Government to accept it in the end. It would be like haggling with a used car salesman who knows you have to pay whatever he wants.

The diehard Remainers running an orchestrated, multi-million pound campaign to keep Britain in the EU are relying on this vote to upend the process. It could trigger a second referendum or an election which Corbyn’s Marxist wrecking crew could win.

Most voters want to get on with leaving the EU

The Sun SaysOn Brexit

Tory rebels must have nothing to do with it. It is their duty to give the Government the strongest possible hand in negotiating our exit and a future trade deal.

Another vote on Wednesday seeks to push us into a restrictive customs union with the EU. That would place us permanently and powerlessly under Brussels’ control — with no say over it, nor any ability to sign our own deals around the world.

Free trade with America, China, India, Australia, Canada and New Zealand? Forget it.

Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer can’t think of single good thing to say about leaving EU
Remain-backing MPs pretend this — and staying in the single market — represent “soft Brexit”, a compromise to reflect that 48 per cent voted Remain. But they are fatal to Brexit and they know it.

Either would be a far worse deal than we have had before. They are a ruse to engineer a new vote to stay in.

We get that Europhile MPs hate Brexit. But they are there to represent their voters, not advance personal agendas.

For some Tories and many Labour MPs the decision should be blindingly obvious: their own constituencies voted Leave. The manifestos on which they then stood for election last year promised to leave both the single market and customs union.

Do they seriously believe it right to betray their voters and their own doorstep promises?

Brits are becoming more welcoming, secure now in the knowledge we are at last about to get the same control over numbers every non-EU country enjoys

It has barely occurred to them that many politicians never accepted the result, have waged war on it relentlessly and are closer than ever to victory.

Imagine the explosion of anger if that happens. If, today or next month, Tory Remainers vote with Labour’s opportunists to defy the biggest democratic mandate in British history. If MPs, having approved the EU Withdrawal Bill once already, back wrecking amendments drafted by unelected peers bent on destroying Brexit.

That rage won’t even be limited to Leavers. Many Remainers also consider it vital to fulfil the result of the vote in full. They know staying in the single market or customs union is not leaving. It is a suicidal, half-baked Brexit.

Why would anyone trust our democracy again if we took such a course, in defiance of the referendum result?

The Sun understands the Tory rebels’ fears for the economy and jobs post-Brexit. We believe we may well be in for a rocky ride short-term, before the longer-term benefits pan out.

But everyone should read the authoritative view from ex-Aussie Prime Minister Tony Abbott — who initially backed Remain but is brimming with confidence over what he considers a golden opportunity for this country, even if we never strike any deal with Brussels.

The Sun understands, too, the worries many Remainers have that Britain could become less ­liberal, less open and more prejudiced against foreign migrants after Brexit. We whole-heartedly believe that’s unfounded.

Brits are becoming MORE welcoming, secure now in the knowledge we are at last about to get the same control over numbers every non-EU country enjoys.

Philip Hammond tells Boris Johnson we need to ‘compromise’ as he hits back over leaked recordings
On these two ​vital days for Brexit — and further votes next month — The Sun says this to backbench Tories: Have faith in the people of Britain.

They made the right decision on Brexit and they will make it work… if you allow your Government to give them the chance.

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