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Israel Golan Heights alert over Iran ‘irregular activity’ in Syria

The Israeli military says it has detected "irregular Iranian activity" in Syria and has told authorities in the occupied Golan Heights to open and...

Malaysia heads to polls on election day

Over 14 million voters in Malaysia are heading to the polls in an election that will see the incumbent leader facing off against his...

Major League Baseball: London Stadium to host two fixtures in 2019

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will play each other in two Major League Baseball regular season games at the London Stadium...

Ireland abortion poll: Facebook to block foreign ads

Facebook has said it will block ads relating to Ireland's forthcoming referendum on abortion that do not originate from advertisers inside the country. There had...

Pompeo heads to North Korea ahead of Trump-Kim talks

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is visiting Pyongyang ahead of a landmark meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump. Mr...

Why do Rome’s buses keep catching fire?

A public bus engulfed in flames in a European capital - but no-one in Rome thought to blame terrorism. Instead they wearily pointed the finger...

Can the science of autophagy boost your health?

A little-known scientific process is being hailed as the new way to lose weight, look younger and prolong life. Autophagy is a natural regeneration process...

Iran nuclear deal: Trump pulls US out in break with Europe allies

US President Donald Trump says he will withdraw the US from an Obama-era nuclear agreement with Iran. Calling it "decaying and rotten", he said the...

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