Esto debe ser tomado como otros de los hallazgos en el mar y  como versión . pero existen entre tantas las esperanzas … el dato es de un diario Británico Daily Mail  

  • Search for missing Argentine submarine intensifies as the crew said to run out of oxygen today
  • US Navy aircraft reportedly detected a ‘heat stain from a metallic object’ at  a depth of about 230ft
  • Separately, a rescue vessel allegedly reported hearing an infrasound sonar signal late Tuesday night 
  • Sub with 44 crew went missing last Wednesday while sailing from Ushuaia to naval base in Mar del Plata
  • They sailed on Monday, communication was lost on Wednesday, and search is now involving several nations 
  • An Argentine Navy spokesman warned yesterday that the crew only have oxygen until Wednesday morning

The missing Argentine submarine may have been located early this morning, after a US Navy aircraft allegedly detected a ‘heat stain’ from 230ft below the surface, some 185miles from the coast, and a rescue vessel separately reported hearing a sonar signal.

The ARA San Juan was sailing from Ushuaia to Mar del Plata when it disappeared with 44 crew members last Wednesday, including Argentina’s first female submariner Eliana Krawczyk, 35, and Luis Niz, 25, who is due to get married in two weeks time.

The crew’s oxygen supply was due to run out this morning as they only had enough on board to last seven days – leaving the international rescue mission racing against time to the spot where the signals were detected.

Rescue mission: Argentina’s Navy destroyer ARA Sarandi sails off to take part in the search of missing submarine ARA San Juan, from the north breakwater of Argentina’s Navy base in Mar del Plata, on the Atlantic coast south of Buenos Aires

The ARA San Juan (pictured) has been missing for a week after reporting a fault before dropping out of communications

Race against time: The rescue mission is reportedly heading to this area after two separate signals were recorded

The ARA San Juan would have enough oxygen for its crew to survive underwater for seven days, if there was no hull breach, according to officials, a time which would have elapsed at 7.30am GMT.

‘We are in the critical phase…particularly with respect to oxygen,’ navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said Wednesday. ‘There has been no contact with anything that could be the San Juan submarine.’

Experts, however, have said it was possible that the diesel-electric submarine’s oxygen supply might last as many as ten days in the case of a battery failure as reported by the boat’s captain in his last communication.

Capt. Balbi, added: ‘The seven days is not dogmatic. It varies according to the circumstances. As a submariner, I am not losing hope.’

Argentine news report that two separate clues to ARA San Juan’s location have been detected.

A US Navy airplane is said to have recorded ‘a ‘heat stain’, which would correspond to a metal object’, some 186miles off the coast of Puerto Madryn, which could be the ARA San Juan, reports.

The other is a so-called infrasound signal picked up by one of the rescue ships using sonar, the website added.








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