Inicio Cultura y Espectáculos Kate Beckinsale joins Harvey Weinstein accusers

Kate Beckinsale joins Harvey Weinstein accusers


Kate Beckinsale is the latest actress to come forward with allegations about sexual advances from movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

The British actress issued a statement on Instagram in which she said she was greeted by the producer in a bathrobe when she went to a meeting with him when she was 17.

She said she said no to him professionally many times which “undoubtedly” harmed her career.

A string of actresses have come forward over the last week to accuse the movie mogul of sexual harassment or assault.

Together, the claims build up a picture of one of the most powerful men in the industry exerting pressure on younger women at the start of their careers, often in hotel rooms and offices.

He has admitted his behaviour has “caused a lot of pain” but has described many of the allegations against him as “patently false”.

His spokesperson has said “any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied” and there were “never any acts of retaliation” against women who turned him down.

Here are some of those who have made allegations against him.

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