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Eminem’s takedown of Donald Trump: The most explosive lines


Rapper Eminem took aim at President Donald Trump at Tuesday night’s BET Awards in a vicious, four-and-a-half-minute freestyle.

The star said he “came to stomp” on the president, calling him a “racist 94-year-old grandpa” and accusing him of disrespecting the military.

In the video, the star paces back and forth in a disused Detroit car park, sparring with the camera as he raps.

The a capella track immediately won praise from the hip-hop community.

Snoop Dogg posted a video praising the rapper for taking a stand; Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy, tweeted that Eminem had “killed it”; while J Cole called the star a “rap God”.

T-Pain appeared to voice concern that Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, had made himself a target by voicing his anger.

It’s not the first time Eminem has targeted Mr Trump: A verse in last year’s Campaign Speech warned voters the then-presidential candidate was a “loose cannon”.

However his latest track, called The Storm, is notable not just for its creative profanity, but also the detail of his criticisms.

The track is even named after the ominous comments Mr Trump made last weekwhile posing for a photograph with military leaders, suggesting their meeting was “the calm before the storm”.


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