Inicio Mundo ‘Brexit for breakfast’: How the social world reacted

‘Brexit for breakfast’: How the social world reacted


The UK general election’s surprise result has generated a buzz on social media across the world.
Many have greeted the idea of a hung Parliament with shock and also uncertainty.
Online, users are saying Prime Minister Theresa May has followed in the footsteps of Selina Meyer from the HBO series Veep, who stepped up from vice president to president of the United States but then failed to get a majority in a presidential election.
Others around the world have commented on what the election will mean for Brexit, drawing parallels to governments elsewhere and – of course – Donald Trump made an appearance too.
‘Eating hard Brexit for breakfast’
Some Europeans on the social network Reddit considered the election result “entertaining” and questioned Theresa May’s decision to call a snap general election to start with.
While others predicted more elections: “More voting for the Brits is likely. This is like the sixth election [vote] or something in the last two years?”a Danish user added.
Talking about the youth vote, German Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth said he was “proud” British youth had chosen to vote “for Europe”.

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