Manchester attack: Police hunt ‘network’ behind bomber


A sixth person has been arrested in the UK over Monday’s bombing at Manchester Arena, as police said they were investigating a “network”.
Police said they had arrested a woman after an armed raid at a block of flats in Blackley, north Manchester.
Suicide bomber Salman Abedi killed 22 – including children – and injured 64 outside an Ariana Grande pop concert.
In Libya, the bomber’s father, Ramadan, and younger brother, Hashem, have been arrested, Reuters is reporting.
Hashem, 20, was reportedly arrested in the capital Tripoli on suspicion of links with so-called Islamic State, according to Reuters.
Older brother, Ismail, was detained in Chorlton, south Manchester, on Tuesday.
Their father was in Tripoli when he was arrested, Reuters has told the BBC.
A fifth UK arrest on Wednesday – in Wigan – involved a man who was carrying a package that is now being “assessed”, police said.
Eyewitness Connor Britton told the BBC the man had been held by “undercover armed police”.
He said workers in his office had been told to stay inside and lock their windows, and that a red package had been “moved to a clear part of the street”.
The UK terror threat level is now at its highest level of “critical”, meaning more attacks may be imminent.
Meanwhile, military personnel are being deployed to protect key sites after the UK’s terror threat level was raised on Tuesday night.
Home Secretary Amber Rudd said: “[Monday’s attack] was more sophisticated than some of the attacks we’ve seen before, and it seems likely – possible – that [Abedi] wasn’t doing this on his own.”
Meanwhile, the New York Times has obtained photos which it says were gathered by UK authorities at the scene of the attack, including the remnants of a backpack, nuts and screws, and a device identified as a “possible detonator”.
The paper says the alleged evidence suggests “a powerful, high-velocity charge, and a bomb in which its shrapnel was carefully and evenly packed”.
UK authorities have reacted with consternation to the publication of the pictures.
One Whitehall source told the BBC there was “disbelief and astonishment” across Whitehall.
Senior people in counter-terrorism policing also told the BBC the leak undermined the relationship with important partners and undermined the investigation and the confidence of victims, witnesses and their families.
BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner said that the bomber is thought to have been a “mule”, using a device built by someone else.
In other developments:
Ariana Grande has cancelled forthcoming concerts in London, Belgium, Poland and Germany, saying she wanted to “pay proper respect to those lost”
A minute’s silence will be held at 11:00 BST on Thursday in remembrance of those who lost their lives or were affected by the attack, the government has announced
The Conservatives and Labour will resume local general election campaigning on Thursday, and national campaigning on Friday
A silence will be held before the FA Cup final between Arsenal and Chelsea on Saturday, with a wreath laid by FA president Prince William

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