Inicio Deporte Man Utd 1-0 Rostov: United through after scare

Man Utd 1-0 Rostov: United through after scare


Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is not happy with the fixture scheduling which saw them face Chelsea on Monday and then visit Middlesbrough on Sunday lunchtime.

He told BT Sport: “We were afraid of extra time. It was a difficult game. We have lots of enemies. Normally the enemies should be Rostov but we have a lot of enemies. It’s difficult to play Monday with 10 men, it’s difficult to play now, it’s difficult to play 12 o’clock on Sunday. We have a lot of enemies.

“A lot of people might say we should have scored more goals. But a lot of things are going against us. The boys are amazing boys. We will probably lose the game on Sunday. Fatigue has a price. I will remember forever when I spoke to the Uefa delegate in Rostov. He told me if any of our players gets injured, the insurance paid. Whoever decided the Monday and Sunday games probably thinks the same way.”

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