Homeless man given makeover after 25 years living on the streets

A homeless man in Majorca, Spain, was left in tears when he was given a free makeover by a local hair salon.

The owner of La Salvajeria invited Jose Antonio to his business after getting to know him as an “unlicensed car parking attendant”.

Jose is seen in an emotional state after the transformation in a video which has been shared by the salon.

The video, originally shared on Facebook, has been watched more than 400,000 times in two days.

Jose Antonio

Image captionJose has been homeless for 25 years and is well known to local people in Mallorca

Here’s the video, as shared on YouTube by filmmaker Dr Filmgood.

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“This is incredible, is this me?” Jose says when he sees what salon staff have done to his appearance.

“I’m so different, no-one’s going to recognise me unless I tell them who I am.”

Jose Antonio

Image captionJose was left close to tears when he saw the transformation

The Daily Mail reports that Jose is a former electrician and has been homeless for 25 years and is well known by locals in Majorca.

The video was made to celebrate La Salvajeria’s three-year anniversary and people who know Jose commented to say how dramatic the change is.

Jose Antonio

Image captionLocal people who know Jose were as surprised as he was

Paola Bocardo said that Joe helps her park her car every day and that she didn’t recognise him after the transformation.

Salva Canis congratulated the salon and the filmmaker for the effect they had had on Jose but questioned what would happen when the hair dye faded and his beard grew back out.



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