After Santa Cruz Bank raid, no safe deposit boxes under Kirchner family found


Federal Judge Julián Ercolini ordered a radi in the Santa Cruz Bank in the southern city of Río Gallegos in search of safe deposit boxes that allegedly belonged to the Kirchner family. However, the operation resulted in no safe deposit found under the name of former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, her son Máximo or her daughter Florencia.
Only a estate bank account of Néstor Kirchner was found, but not the safe deposit boxes that were reported by lawmaker Margarita Stolbizer earlier this week in a formal complaint filed before presecutor Gerardo Pollicita.
Judge Erocolini ordered the Santa Cruz Bank to provide information about the accounts and safe deposits Ms. Kirchner allegedly had there, following a request by prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita in charge of the so called “Hotesur” case. Earlier this week, Stolbizer filed a complaint targeting the ex-president and her family bank accounts.
On Wednesday, the judge requested the Central Bank (BCRA) to identify all bank accounts owned by Cristina Kirchner, her son Máximo and her daughter Florencia.

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