Inicio Económico Gov’t to increase transport subsidies for provinces

Gov’t to increase transport subsidies for provinces


The government decided to increase public transport subsidies for interior provinces in a move to “balance” the costs with those of the City of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, accounting for 14.7 billion pesos.
In a press conference held today at the Pink House, Transport Minister Guillermo Dietrich announced the rise in subsidies for the provinces of the country’s interior “will cover the costs of staff and the hikes in fuel prices.”
Dietrich was joined by Interior Minister Rogerlio Frigerio, the mayor of the City of Rosario (Santa Fe province) Mónica Fein, the mayor of the city of La Rioja (La Rioja province) Alberto Paredes Urquiza and the UTA transport union Secretary General Roberto Fernández.
Dietrich pointed out the increase in transport subsidies will be of 37 percent, accounting for 14.7 billion pesos.
“It is a step towards federalism,” the minister affirmed adding the Mauricio Macri administration is working to reduce “the rising inequality regarding the way subsidies have been distributed in the different parts of the country over the past years.”
He said as well the government was readying the SUBE transport card system to be available across the nation. “People need to share information, not a system to be imposed over another one,” he said.

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