Macri says labour bills ‘arbitrary’


President Mauricio Macri today rejected opposition-sponsored labour bills that seek to forbid layoffs in the private and public sectors. The bills were cleared for debate in both chambers of Congress yesterday.
During the visit of the head of state and Buenos Aires governor María Eugenia Vidal this morning to the Cresta Roja factory plant in the Southern locality of Esteban Echeverría, Macri said “My commitment is to create jobs but not by imposing arbitrary laws we have already used in the past.”
“We seek to make progress and we want to be happy, we cannot repeat errors, which haven’t generated employment but have destroyed it. So let’s avoid doing useless things,” Macri added stating “it’s not through arbitrariness or imposition we will look after Argentines.”
Yesterday, the pan-Peronist opposition caucuses in both the Senate and Lower House put the Let’s Change (Cambiemos) representatives on the defensive yesterday as bills calling for 180-day labour emergency and another calling for double compensation and the rollback of layoffs were given the green light.
Macri continued to defend the elimination of export taxes in the agricultural sector: “They said lifting export taxes favored the rich and that is not true.” “We want regional economies to grow, to produce,” he stressed and added “the most difficult part of the transition is the starting point.”
“My distress is the distress of those who are unemployed,” the head of state concluded.

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