Macri calls for a ‘depoliticised Judiciary’


Buenos Aires City mayor Mauricio Macri celebrated the massive march called by a group of prosecutors to honour late Alberto Nisman and called for an “independent Judiciary, fully depoliticised.”
“It was a great satisfaction, it was an historic march, peaceful, democratic,” the PRO party head said. “The people demanded an independent Judiciary, a more solid democracy. Without strong institutions and independent Judiciary there is no future,” he added.
“We need a fully depoliticised Judiciary, with faceless judges who only speak through their rulings,” he said.
PRO lawmaker Laura Alonso also referred to the 18F rally, which she described as “very exciting, moving” and as a sign of “support to democracy.” She said that Nisman’s complaint against President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner could lead to an impeachment and rejected the suicide hypothesis on the prosecutor’s death.
“I am certain that Alberto Nisman did not kill himself and that his death is linked to the complaint he had filed four days before (his death),” Alonso said.
“Nisman’s lost his life over his complaint. As Vice-Chair of the (Lower House’s) Impeachment Committee I have called for impeachment against (Foreign Minister Héctor) Timerman, and it is a possibility for the president,” Alonso stated.

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