Insaurralde resigns Lower House seat, returns to Lomas


Martín Insaurralde – CFK’s pick to compete for the province of Buenos Aires in last year’s legislative elections -, has decided to quit his seat in the Lower House and head back to Lomas de Zamora.

Earlier today, Insaurralde headed a rally precisely in the BA province locality of Lomas de Zamora praising the achievements made both during his administration and that of his successor, interim mayor Santiago Alberto Carasatorre.

“It is many of us who want to transform the province from our own place,” the now ex lawmaker said confirming he was leaving Congress to return to Lomas’ office, expected to fight to become BA province governor in the 2015 elections – still without a definition, whether he will continue under the Victory Front (FpV) party or he will finally close ranks behind Renewal Front (RF) leader Sergio Massa.

Prior to the announcement, FpV deputy Carlos Kunkel called Insaurralde to resign to his seat. “He had time to collect the expenses but not to work as a lawmaker,” Kunkel told reporters this morning.

“I guess he will have to quit to his post if he never worked or planned to work as a lawmaker. From all the voting (procedures) of the (FpV) bloc, he voted in 3 or 4 opportunities but one has to vote everyday.”

Previo a este anuncio, el diputado del Frente para la Victoria, Carlos Kunkel, le reclamó que renuncie a su banca. “Tuvo tiempo para cobrar la dieta, pero no para trabajar como diputado”, argumentó justificando su pedido.

Source: Buenos Aires Herald

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