Gov’t moves forward with HSBC Congressional Commision


Victory Front’s Senator Aníbal Fernández said that the government is moving forward today to set the Congressional Commission to look into HSBC’s alleged illegal plan to help 4,040 clients evade taxes. “We will meet today with (the head of the Lower House Budget Committee Roberto) Feletti to finalize details for the creation of the Commision,” he said.

The senator expressed the government’s intention to expedite the creation of the Commision to investigate the hidden Swiss banks accounts HSBC’s clients allegedly used to stash their money and evade taxes. “We will move forward to investigate those responsible,” Fernández said.

He explained that the Commision aims at “putting data into practice in order to determine who evaded taxes” and “identifying agents, lawyers, accountants, economists” involved in the scheme.

Fernández stressed the need to “move forward” with the inquiry and to make its findings public.

New Civil Code

The senator also defended the initiative he and senator Miguel Angel Pichetto launched to bring forward the entry into force of the recently-passed ammendment of the country’s Civil and Commercial Code, which will be discussed this afternoon in the Lower House’s Constitutional Affairs Commission.

“Why should we wait any longer for citizens to be allowed a better exercise of their rights?,” Fernández asked, rhetorically. The law is set to entry into force by January 2016 but the Victory Front’s senators have proposed its implementation starting next month.

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