Gov’t says consignment of 9 million flu vaccines arrived in the country


Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich today informed the Health Ministry headed by Juan Manzur this morning received a consignment of 9 million flu vaccines to be distributed across the country and applied for free on high risk groups.
In his daily press briefing, the top minister stated the government seeks to reduce influenza deaths during the upcoming winter period.
Ever since the 2009 lethal H1N1 flu pandemic which affected most of the world, vaccination against influenza in Argentina kicks off every fall.
Vaccines will be distributed in public hospitals of every province within the next days and will be free and compulsory among medical staffs and pregnant women.
Capitanich stated Argentina’s health system has got 16 obligatory vaccines, “10 of them included in the last 10 years, representing a record for Argentina.” He furthermore underlined that “70 percent of these vaccines are produced in the country.”

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