Gioja improves in hospital, fever clears and is ‘lucid’


GiojaSan Juan governor José Luis Gioja spent the last 24 hours free of fever and was in a “lucid” state, encouraging doctors treating the injured politician in San Juan capital’s Guillermo Rawson hospital.

“He appears lucid, connected with the world. He is asking questions and answering,” today’s medical report from the clinic informed.

The update added that Gioja had been free of a fever developed over the weekend during the past 24 hours, but that he continued breathing with “mechanical respiratory assistance,” albeit as part of “a calculated withdrawal program.”

Gioja suffered multiple injuries when his helicopter crashed on October 4, due to strong winds that destabilised the craft.

National lawmaker Margarita Ferrá de Bartol, who was to head the list of Victory Front candidates in upcoming elections in the province, perished in the accident. The Pilot of the plane and fellow lawmaker Daniel Tomas were also injured, although the latter is now out of danger as he recovers.

Source: Buenos Aires Herald

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