Metrobus South opens, 23km added to City bus network


metrobusThe Metrobus South, which links La Noria bridge and Constitución station with dedicated public transport routes, has been officially opened in Buenos Aires and according to the City government, will benefit 250,000 passengers a day.

The line is the third Metrobus service put into place by the administration headed by mayor Mauricio Macri, after those already present on the Avenues Juan B. Justo and 9 de Julio.

“In truth, the Metrobus is much more than stations and tarmac. It is millions of personal stories because the transformation of public transport changes many people’s lives every day,” Macri emphasised on Wednesday on attending the inauguration of the new line.

The City chief revealed that new Metrobus routes are being planned and repeated his request for the transport system to be extended to parts of the Buenos Aires conurbation.

The mayor was accompanied on the first journey, on a 91 bus, by chief of staff Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and other leading members of his cabinet.

The southern Metrobus, which serves the neighbourhoods of Villa Riachuelo, Villa Soldati, Villa Lugano, Nueva Pompeya, Parque Patricios, Boedo, San Cristóbal and Constitución, is divided into two branches that extend for 23 kilometres, one on the General Roca Avenue and one which travels down Avenue Fernández de la Cruz. There are a total of 23 stations and eight regular stops, which will be used by 18 bus lines.

It is estimated that use of public transport will increase by around 30 percent, while journey times are expected to see a reduction of 15 percent.

Source: Buenos Aires HErald

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