Trial over alleged Upper House bribery begins


The trial against ex President Fernando de la Rúa over the alleged payment of bribes began at the Senate with the reading of the causes by the prosecutor that investigated the event that took place in April 2000 in order to achieve the approval of the Labour Relaxation Law.

Seated in a first row seat, surrounded by his lawers Valeria Corbacho and Jorge Kirszembaum, De la Rúa, who is indicted on bribery charges, released a statement saying the case is “absurd and plagued with contradictions.”

Prosecutor Federico Delgado retold the ploy which took place 12 years ago and in which 5 million pesos of the former SIDE intelligence agency were used to bribe Peronist senators in order for them to vote in favour of the law, according to the probe.

Other defendants include former SIDE intelligence agency chief Fernando de Santibañes, former lawmakers Alberto Tell, Augusto Alasino, Ricardo Branda. Former parliamentary secretary Mario Pontaquarto and former Labour Minister Alberto Flamarique.

Source: Buenos Aires Herald

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