Subway workers threaten with walkout


Subway and tram workers union (AGSTYP) leader Néstor Segovia came on stage to say that workers might go on strike after Metrovías Company decided to pull 20 trains out of service due to malfunctioning and lack of funds for their maintenance.
“We might go on strike as we consider this measure a mere political maneuver. We’ve been reporting the lack of proper maintenance for years. This is not something new. What’s new and highly suspicious is to see that 20 trains, not one, not two, but twenty trains got broken all of the sudden, from night to day, according to the company.”
Likewise, Segovia remembered that “yesterday Metrovías also decided to retire three trains from the C Line.”
To end, Segovia indicated, “We (AGSTYP) considered the company’s attitude nothing but a management lock-out.”

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