De Vido, Morales clash heatedly during Senate subway debate


UCR senator Gerardo Morales (left) clashes with Planning Minister Julio De Vido (right) during a congressional session on Tuesday the 13th, 2012.
As the heated debate over the transfer of the subway management continued on the floor of a Senate committee, Radical lawmaker Gerardo Morales had a strong verbal exchange with Planning Minister Julio De Vido over the recent railway tragedy in Once that left 51 people dead.
Even though the session was intended to discuss the transfer of the subway management from the National Government to City Hall, Morales linked the subways to the poor conditions of the current transportation system and strongly criticized the Fernández de Kirchner administration’s policies.
Morales grilled the Kirchnerites over their decision to delay the termination of an agreement that granted Esteban Taselli’s company the concession to manage the former Roca railway line.
De Vido immediately yelled back at him, asking Morales why his party didn’t do it either when they were in power.
Morales replied asking the same question but this time referring to the Menem administration in the 90s.
Since their voices kept rising and their discussion was reaching a violent undertone, Marcelo Fuentes, who was in charge of moderating the session, asked for both government officials to calm down.

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