Street peddlers lift Corrientes Av blockade


Street peddlers lifted the Corrientes Avenue blockade they staged for the third consecutive day, to protest against the City Government’s eviction orders, while artisans set a fair outside the City Legislature to claim their rights to set their selling spots in Florida pedestrian walkway. Metropolitan Police officers patroled the area to stop the illegal vendors from selling their goods.

Meanwhile, artisans symbolically reinstated their selling spots in the intersection of Florida walkway and Corrientes avenue, and lied on the floor holding black wooden crosses representing the death of their profits. Street peddlers also protested outside the City Legislature after Mauricio Macri’s administration ordered they were removed from Florida pedestrian street.

Artisans set a fair outside the Legislature and claim the right to sell their goods on the pedestrian street, one of the most popular –and most profitable- tourist spots in the City.

Dozens of Metropolitan police officers patrol the area to stop street vendors, who have protested the measure with several blockades this week, to from selling their goods in the popular pedestrian walkway, per the City Government’s orders.

Thursday’s clash between artisans and street peddlers which left a detainee and an injured police officer, and thus Mayor Mauricio Macri’s administration ordered the Metropolitan police to guard the area once again.

In December, the Legislature passed a law that bans trade in public spaces without permission and states that only artisans can be relocated in other City areas.

Source: Buenos Aires Herald

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