Murdered teacher’s husband arrested in BA province


Daniel Sfeir, husband of murdered teacher Silvia Prigent, was finally arrested by police officials at his home. San Isidro Judge Ricardo Costa finally issued the arrest of Sfeir for Prigent’s murder after new evidence was uncovered regarding the case. The school teacher’s body was found in a field last week by police.

After Costa issued the arrest, officers from the San Isidro DDI (Dirección Departamental de Investigación in Spanish) force were sent to the man’s house, to detain the now widow and took him to Buenos Aires province police headquarters where he will undergo further questioning.

Don Torcuato Public Prosecutor, Cosme Iribarren’s actually requested the order be issued on Wednesday to arrest Sfeir, due to the fact that his primary declarations to police did not match new security camera evidence with regard to where he was around the time his wife was murdered.

The teacher’s dead body was found last Sunday with two shots to the head in a field close to motorway Route 26 in the area of Dique Luján between the Escobar and Tigre districts.

Source: Buenos Aires Herald

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