Prints linked to new suspect in Miramar murder case


Forensic authorities identified the fingerprints that were found in the crime scene of Gastón Bustamante, the 12 year old was murdered during a robbery at his family’s home in Miramar. Experts determined that the collected samples belong a 20 year old with a previous criminal record.
Sources said that the fingerprints belong to Luis Damián Cañete, who served a year long sentence on the Florencio Varela prison and was released on September 22nd. He was convicted on charges of theft and sentenced to a year in prison.
Yesterday, two cousins that had been apprehended as suspects were released as there was no further evidence to link them to the crime. “A series of expert tasks were carried out, jointly with home raids and for the time being, there is no evidence linking them to the case. That is why their immediate release was ordered, although they will remain under investigation,” prosecutor Rodolfo Maré.
The Public Ministry representative had stated that members of the Scientific Police collected six finger and hand print belonging to the alleged murderers in the crime scene. Some of those finger prints belong to Cañete. His fingerprints were collected from a TV set.

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