Angry mob hits Miramar City Hall, after boy murdered


After a 12-year old boy was choked to death by robbers who had broken into his house in the coastal town of Miramar, an angry mob showed up in front of City Hall and a police station and began hurling stones towards the buildings’ windows, severely damaging them. Minutes before, hundreds of local residents had called for justice.
According to police officials, the boy was murdered after he was caught hiding under his bed while he was trying to contact his family for help.
Two people were arrested in connection to the murder. Both suspects have criminal records and live close to the family’s home. Investigators believe they killed him because he had recognized the assailants.
After sunset, hundreds of Pinamar residents gathered in front of the town’s City Hall to demand justice, when many began hurling stones at the police who was standing guard outside of the building.
After the incidents, Mayor Patricio Hogan said he had “no doubt” about the political affiliations of those who had decided to hurl stones at the building.
“They are looking for my resignation,” he assured.
Five policemen were injured during the incidents.
Gastón Bustamante was murdered when two burglars broke into his home early Monday morning.
The 12-year-old boy was home alone. His father was at work and his mother was out running some errands.

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