City gov’t willing to cooperate in Riachuelo’s cleansing


BA City Chief of Staff, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, came on stage today to reply positively to President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s call for City cooperation in the cleansing of the Riachuelo river’s basin during a rally yesterday.

Thus, Rodríguez Larreta said that the government led by business tycoon Mauricio Macri “is willing to cooperate and work together with the national government to, the BA province administration as well with all Greater Buenos Aires districs in order to solve this matter as well many others.”

Anyway, the City official seemed a bit confused over the statement made by the President, “I don’t why she [Fernández de Kirchner] said such a thing since the City government is currently cooperating with the cleansing of the La Matanza Riachuelo river basin.”

Rodríguez Larreta also remarked that “concrete measures and works are being conducted for the first time ever in order to clean the Riachuelo’s basin. Our priority right now is to relocate people living by the riverside as they cannot live in such bad conditions.”

Furthermore, Rodríguez Larreta emphasized that “the Kirchnerism has already been eight years in power and I don’t really see any major advancement in this topic”, and added, “so it would be better to have the natinal government to sit down to debate and look for solutions instead of discussing it through the media.”

Source: Buenos Aires Herald

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