‘Schoklender’s visit to Congress is like me addressing the Croatian Congress,’ De Vido


Planning Minister, Julio De Vido, came on stage to downplay Sergio Schoklender’s visit to the Lower House’s Constitutional Affairs, and Housing committees to be questioned over the funds mismanagement of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo social housing programme “Sueños Compartidos”, and said that “His visit means nothing and has absolutely no relation with anything. He [Schoklender] going there is like me addressing the Croatian Congress.”

The former Mothers of Plaza de Mayo treasurer, who is being investigated by Federal Judge Norberto Oyarbide for the crimes of embezzlement and money laundering, has lately made several harsh accusations on government’s officials, and the Mothers’ foundation leader Hebe de Bonafini.

Thus, the minister explained that Schoklender’s visit with opposition deputies that are members of the Constitutional Affairs, and Housing committees —Kirchnerite, and Civic Coalition deputies refused to be part of the meeting— means nothing since “it’s the Judiciary the power that should resolve the case.”

Asked about the accusations made by Schoklender indicating Public Works Secretary, José López, Secretary, José López, used to ask for money bonuses in order authorize the funding of the Mothers’ housing programmes, the Minister said: “His [Schoklender] accusations doesn’t really reach to anyone. He mentions López, but he never says ‘López asked me for kickbacks’. So, I don’t really know what he is trying to prove here.”

Source: Buenos Aires Herald

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